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Maritime Marketing: 7 things you can do to sell your boat FAST!

A boat or barge isn’t a cheap investment or an easy item to sell. However, a sale on a large vessel can also earn you some big bucks if you can market it the correct way. If your boat has been sitting idly in the port for some time, NOW is the perfect time to find more effective ways to market it. Here are 7 things you can do to maximize your investment and profit from selling your vessel. These are some of our key insights on maritime industry marketing.

1. Update and optimize your website

Studies show that people are now using their mobile devices for browsing the internet more than their laptop or desktop PC. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly to meet this demand. It’s also practical to do the recommended on-page optimization techniques, such as using the right tags, meta descriptions, alt text, and internal links. You may also wish to increase page load speed. People tend to leave sites and pages that take too long to respond or load.

2. Professional photos

Your vessel is so much more than what meets the eye! Yes, you may be able to take great photos of its exterior. However, you may also consider hiring a professional photographer to capture detailed pictures of the engine, cabins, electrical room, and other key parts. Photographers have the gears and technical knowledge to show off your boat’s unique build and blueprint in pictures.

3. Drone footage and video

Photos, videos and drone footage make for the perfect multimedia marketing package by which to promote your boat. With these digital assets, you can tell a compelling story on board your marine vessel. This is a fantastic way to promote your boat as a place that is a second home to its workers and staff, and not just a vehicle to take cargo from point A to point B.

4. Search Engine Optimization

The right SEO strategies could put your boat in front of the right people. You may want to consider hiring a professional SEO or digital marketing agency to help you create an ideal customer or audience profile in relation to the type of boat you have. You’ll use this to come up with a strategy that best targets the needs of your audience. For example, if you have a yacht, you could create an SEO plan that targets enthusiasts of marine recreation activities (e.g., diving, boating, fishing). Or if you have a barge, you could create an SEO plan that targets cargo or shipping providers in need of a water transport option.

5. Get on Social Media

Social media platforms are the best tools you have to interact with your customers organically for free. This is also where you can gather insights on what your clients need. Plus, you could also reach out to your previous customers and ask for feedback and suggestions. Add to that the opportunity to promote your boat to a wider market, and you've got a winning social media plan! With professionally crafted images, footage, and videos, promoting your boat on social media could help you build the audience you need for conversion, be it a sale or a rental.

6. Invest in some paid ads

Aside from organic engagement, paid ads have also been proven to increase sales conversion. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter are the most common platforms to help you get started. It’s also best to determine where your audience comes from and what devices and platforms that they’re using before investing in paid ads.

7. Attend trade shows and industry events

Creating and nurturing partnerships with other organizations or people is another great way to market your boat. As a boat owner, it’s worth your time to meet and greet marine recreation activities enthusiasts, investors, and ship manufacturers. They could be your next clients or suppliers.

Like other niche areas, marketing for the maritime industry needs careful and detailed planning. These insights could help you get started. It’s also highly recommended to contact a reliable digital marketing agency to help you through the process of planning. Doing so helps you get the opportunity to enjoy the best deals the industry can offer.

If you'd interested in getting help marketing your maritime vessels, contact us today at! We work with accomplished maritime brokers and have the skills necessary to help you sell your boat FAST!

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