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Reputation Matters.

Our community is speaking out about SHOOK PR, as well as our owner's past work and character. 
We hope you join us in SHAKING THINGS UP all over the Gulf Coast!

— Brian Wyer, 

Executive Director,

Gulf Coast African-American Chamber of Commerce

I initially met Blair during the time that she served as a VISTA with Achieve Escambia.  I was immediately impressed with her knowledge of the Achieve Escambia processes, her dedication in the preparation for events, and her wonderful ability to work well with everyone that she met.  As I worked more closely with Blair over the next several months, these skills shined even brighter.  Her ability to multi-task on various projects and represent the organization in such a positive way was definitely appreciated. After leaving the Vista program, I observed another true talent of Blair.  She is an accomplished PR marketing person.  Without knowledge of her new business, I made a comment to Doug Baldwin about some great improvements to his Pensacola Improv website and marketing plan.  I later found out that he had been working with Blair on these updates.  Blair is an upcoming asset to our community and I look forward to following her pathway to future business successes.”

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