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Focus Groups & Market Research

The Advantage of Using Focus Groups

Focus Group Research & Analysis - Marketing Research Services


Marketing research is an often overlooked but necessary component of conducting a successful marketing strategy. By researching consumer opinions and evaluating customer insights, it is more likely that a business will be able to actualize an effective marketing approach. This takes dedicated research of your intended audience to determine their wants, expectations, and needs.  This qualitative research technique will use a small sample of your target market, and establish a perspective concerning your product; the information gathered can then be used to formulate a complete and effective marketing strategy. 


Shook PR’s focus group research and analysis services will conduct all of this for your business, and specializes in understanding how to conduct this form of research for businesses in the Pensacola and Gulf Coast area. By executing this strategy, Shook PR can not only take care of gathering the necessary customer feedback information for this brand of research, but also handle analyzing this data to provide you with the facts needed to determine the appropriate plan of attack for your marketing.


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Qualitative research and data collection- The best way to get good data is through properly executed research. This data can help create a base for developing a strong strategy for your next marketing campaign, and is a necessary component of successful brand development. By focusing on good results and analysis we can get quality data to act on.


Conducting Surveys - Understanding your customers, what they think of your product, what improvements they’d like to see, and if they appreciate the services are all an important part of gathering data. Conducting surveys helps you understand where your customers are coming from and what they want.

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