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Video Editing & Drone Services

We can create and edit your videos

Are you producing video content for your business but don’t have the time, tools, or necessary expertise to take that content and put it together into a compelling piece of work? Video editing is a process through which a professional editor can take your raw data, and turn it into a video tailored precisely to your needs and preferences. 


Shook PR is experienced with handling the video editing needs of Pensacola and the Gulf Coast, and strongly believes in maintaining a line of cooperation with our clients to ensure that they get exactly what they want from the process. We will work with you from start to finish with your footage to deliver a product that you or your small business can be proud of. Our video editors can help create an impactful final product 


Whether you need a video edited for your next advertising campaign, or for your own individual needs, Shook PR can help.

Some of Our Video Editing Services Include


Format Conversion - Making sure your video is in the proper formats so that it suits your needs or those of your viewers is a must. We can navigate converting any video format to what your needs require.


Sound Effects and Voice-Overs - Adding professional soundwork to your videos is often a necessary part of editing, and one we can easily handle if you need audio recorded and added to your video work.


Noise Reduction - Without proper editing you can end up with a noisy video that is cringingly unpleasant to listen to. We will clean up your video’s audio and make it something you can be proud of.


Social Media Advertising - Putting together a quality video is often a step that’s taken as part of a social media advertising campaign. We will help you edit your videos for the best posting format and get them looking great.


Personal Videos - If you have a major event that you want professionally edited for viewing, Shook PR can do private video editing work as well!


Drone footage and aerial photography- Capture scenic, high-quality aerial shots for real estate, construction projects, events, weddings, businesses, and more! 

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