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Campaign Management

Running a successful campaign means handling the significant amount of logistics that go with it, which is why every political campaign needs a skilled campaign management team with a proven track record of success. We have 13 years of experience handling campaign management and consulting, and can help boost your name recognition, handle opposition research, and develop a plan for victory.

Maximize Your Reach to Your Voters

Political Campaign Management Services - Political Consulting

To successfully manage a political campaign you need the assistance of a dedicated team, and operating with a team that knows what they are doing will greatly increase your odds of success at the ballot box. To win an election you need an experienced team behind you and Shook PR is able to provide the professional services you need to keep your campaign focused and on-message. 


Shook PR is a trusted name in Pensacola on the campaign trail. We will be able to help spearhead successful fundraising efforts, develop and conduct strategic messaging, formulate a solid Digital PR plan, and ensure that election compliance is being met. With over 10 certifications in campaign management, graduate degrees in both law and marketing, and over 13 years of experience working on political campaigns, you will have the support of a team with a proven track-record of success


Local, professional, and passionate, Shook PR cares about Gulf Coast voters, understands the political landscape, and can help you stay engaged with your constituents. 

Our political services can also help with:


Political Signs - Though signs do not have as large an impact as other forms of campaign outreach, they do have a more noticeable one in local elections. When it comes down to local elections presence is very important and signs allow you to project and increase presence when you can’t be everywhere.


Opposition Research - This is key to conducting a successful campaign. You need to know what your opponent is up to and how they are going about it. By having a professional team devoted to opposition research you can get good information that you can act on and take advantage of.


Polling - Knowing how you stand in local polling is instrumental in planning out where you take your campaign and how you move forward. Without polling you are often operating blind.


Promote Campaign Messaging - Getting the word out about what you stand for and how you plan to do it is going to convert more voters to your cause than anything else. Win voters over with your plan, get it out there so they understand what you represent and stand for. A campaign management team can help make that happen.

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