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Brand Promotion & Public relations

Getting your name out there and building awareness of your brand and what it is you provide is key to running a successful business or campaign. We are skilled at handling what it takes to bring your brand into the spotlight and build the associations needed to ensure success.

Maximize Your Reach to Your Customers

Shook PR is here to provide you with all of the tools and support you need to make your social media campaign a success, including setting goals for your business, defining your target audience, and creating and managing successful social media ad campaigns. We’ll make sure your ads are getting in front of the right audience so you can get the most out of your business' ad spend. We’ll also monitor and adjust your campaigns along the way to optimize results for your budget. Either way, you're in control all the way.

Brand Promotion & Awareness - Marketing Your Business


You have a business, quality product, or service that you want to get to as many customers as you possibly can, but making sure they even know about what you can provide is an involved and incredibly important part of that process. Brand development and marketing is an in depth multi-tiered process that never really stops. When people think of a particular product or service you want it to be the name of your business that first springs to mind, this is exactly what successful marketing can achieve.


To succeed at brand promotion you need to know not only how to reach out to the people you are targeting but who to reach out to. This means research before you can even begin to actualize a marketing strategy. Once the marketing begins, you need to make sure you are presenting your brand in the best light possible, and reaching as many relevant members of your target audience as possible as well.


Shook PR can handle all of your brand promotion needs and boost awareness of your business. We are experienced with what it takes to get your message out there, to help build your brand, and grow your business. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

The Basics of Brand Promotion


Press Releases & Media Relations - Promoting a positive presence with the media is a necessary part of brand development. Shook PR can handle your press releases and make sure that you are being accurately and properly represented.


Web Design & Development - A well designed contemporary style webpage that is accessible on both a computer and mobile platform is necessary to project the image of your company and make it available to consumers. This is key to getting your brand out there.


Facebook & Instagram - Knowing where to reach your customers and how to reach them is a must when it comes to developing your brand. Let a professional PR Firm handle this outreach and carefully cultivate your social media presence.


SEO - Get Found On Google - You may have a website but if it doesn’t rank people are not going to learn about the product or service that you provide. If you want your brand to grow you will need to make sure that people can easily and quickly find your website.

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