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Crisis Management

Brand development and management is a key part of maintaining a successful business or political campaign, and it is common that most businesses face several crisis that can sometimes spell disaster for their future. Shook PR can help put out these fires before they spread, develop contingency plans ahead of time, help prevent reputation damage from occurring. 


Crisis Management - Mitigate Damage to Your Reputation and Profit


When developing your brand it is likely that you will eventually encounter a crisis that threatens its future success. Crisis management services exist to help deal with this potential disruption to your business operations that can severely and sometimes permanently harm your financial growth. Shook PR is a firm with the necessary tools and experience to handle managing the most controversial of emergency situations, and is here to help mitigate those damages to your reputation and profit. 


With a focus and deep understanding of Pensacola, we know how quickly an impromptu media fire can spread, causing terrible damage and destruction to your reputation. Not only can we help you make a recovery from a major hit to your company’s reputation, but we have the knowledge and skills necessary to professionally handle the situation before lasting damage is done. We are a public relations, legal, and communication professionals that know what it takes to greatly reduce the impact of a crisis on your business growth.

Shook PR’s Crisis Management Can Help


Developing Contingency Plans - If you know that you might be facing a reputation problem in the future, you should develop a plan of action before that happens. We are experienced in handling this kind of forward thinking strategy and can help you develop a way to make sure you put your best foot forward when the time comes to act.


Spokesperson - A professional PR representative is one of the best ways to project the image you want, and to avoid a potentially damaging situation. We can act as your spokesperson in times of crisis and help you navigate media and public interactions. 


Brand Monitoring - A moment of crisis can potentially ruin your brand identity or forever damage association and awareness. After spending all this time building your brand you want to make sure it stays where it needs to, so that appropriate steps can be made to save permanent damage from being done.


Crisis Resolution - Resolving a crisis is sometimes no easy task, but a third party intervention and handling the situation is often exactly what is needed for a smooth and agreeable resolution. Shook PR is experienced with negotiating and professionally handling these difficult situations.

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