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7 Political Ads That Shook Things Up

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Politicians rely heavily on their ads to tell their story, capture attention, and to appeal to the hearts and minds of voters. Most importantly, a campaign ad can be used a fundraising tool, and is an excellent opportunity to garner publicity and more name recognition prior to election day. Truthfully, many political video ads usually go unnoticed and are unmemorable. However, we’ve taken a look at a few of the most talked-about political video advertisements from the past year election cycles that managed to stand out and shake things up. No matter what your political ideology may be, it is hard to argue that these ads didn't start an engaging conversation and get voters talking about what is to come.

1.) "Scars and Bars" | Gary Chambers

In this political campaign video, U.S. Senate Candidate Gary Chambers burns the confederate flag to advocate the removal of confederate-based issues from America once and for all.

2.) MJ Hegar - Doors

This political campaign video takes us through the memories, moments, and milestones of Texas Congressional candidate MJ Hegar. She’s been kicking, pushing, and blowing doors during her tenure with the U.S. Air Force. She’s the recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross and Purple Heart Medal. After 3 tours in Afghanistan and being badly wounded in the process, she now runs for congress and hopes to open doors for Americans with the support of her family and constituents.

3.) Campaign Ad: Black Lives Don't Matter To Democrats

In this political ad campaign, U.S. Congressional candidate from Baltimore Kim Klasick talks about the statistics and experiences concerning Black lives. Klasick argues that since Democrats have run the city, #BlackLivesMatter has been just slogan, and not actual action, in Baltimore and across similar cities in the country.

4.) Randy Bryce for Congress Campaign Announcement

Randy Bryce, a former challenger for Congress against Paul Ryan, appealed the "every man" by sharing the personal medical insurance stories of his family. Randy is a long-time resident of southeastern Wisconsin. He’s a local community activist focusing on the quality of life for employees and all Americans, especially about the availability of health insurance.

5.) "37 Seconds" - Legalize Marijuana | Gary Chambers

In this video, U.S. Senate candidate Gary Chambers smokes a large blunt right on screen! Chambers advocates for marijuana legalization. He also pointed out some statistics about arrests and law imposition related to marijuana.

6.) The Courage to Change | Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

In this video, U.S. Congresswoman from New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talked about her experiences and realizations as she juggled ordinary jobs like leading classrooms and waiting tables. AOC truly used this video to message herself as an educator, organizer, and working-class New Yorker championing the quality of life for working families.

7.) Honest Political Ads - Gil Fulbright for Senate

People say they want honest politicians. But if all ad campaigns were to sound and look like this parody ad featuring Gil Fulbright, one can’t help but wonder who would win! Just for fun, we love to revisit this hilarious and honest video about political ad campaigns.

Ads play a huge role in the success of political campaigns. When done right, candidates will be able to share their compelling stories, advocate for issues they care about, explain their platforms, and discuss their credentials all in as little as 2 to 5 minutes. If you're looking to create a powerful political video ad of your own, give us call so we can help!

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